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FOUR the Children

Laying the foundation for a conscious and content life...

child art therapy session

We provide children with a safe space for self-discovery. Where they can explore their emotions, understand them and find new ways to manage and express them in their own unique way. Our environment encourages children to step into who they truly are and find their path. We believe there is great benefit in teaching children gratitude and mindfulness strategies early on to provide them the tools they need in the years of growth to come and for the challenges that may lay ahead.

Investing in children's growth form an early age develops their resilience. Resilience is not moving through hard times without any emotional response to what has happened, but is about trusting yourself to try again. We help children to feel their feelings, acknowledge them and aid them to build the confidence in themselves to trust that they can get through it. Resilience teaches us to learn from our experiences and have faith that you have what it takes to get though new ones. Equipping children with emotional awareness and understanding builds on their character, fostering a sense of deep strength and belief in themselves.

Our approach goes against the “one size fits all” methodology and embraces the individuality of each person, opening up new avenues to achieve their goals. We are all about shifting mindsets and removing expectations to provide the best surroundings for growth and healing.


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