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Education programs with a difference...

Our learning experiences have an underlying mission of stimulating a feeling of connectedness, harboring positive relationships and experiences with each participant. Connectedness is what deeply binds people together and is crucial for young people, contributing to their sense of self, psychological wellbeing, academic performance and their social ability. Without this sense of community and belonging, we may see children display behaviours such as withdrawing from social interactions or acting out in anger as means of feeling acknowledgment from others.

We utilise modalities such as art therapy and yoga to accommodate children on their learning pathway to better express and understand themselves; also helping the parent, teacher or guardian to have a more comprehensive picture of the needs of each individual child with their involvement.


  • Exploring and Understanding Emotions

  • Techniques and Strategies for regulating and self-regulating Emotions

  • Communication Alternatives

  • Self: Expression, Discovery and Growth

  • Trauma Management

  • Strategies to Implement for Social-Emotional Learning, Whole-Child Education and Incorporating Mindfulness in your Environment

  • Inclusion Awareness Program

Please contact us for the full details and more information on tailored packages we offer



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