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Four You By Emanuel originates from a background of working in education and inclusion with children and adults of all ages and abilities. During our time, we found the importance of investing in the uniqueness of each person and child we encountered in order for them to gain the most benefit from their experiences. We believe in the power of developing awareness of inclusivity and changing perspectives.​Four You was created to provide another avenue for personal development, healing and growth for every and any individual in a safe, non-judgmental environment and uniquely you way. It is a place four everyone searching for their sanctuary.


Our goal is for you to feel liberated to express your authentic inner self.​We are founded in compassion and believe it is the steady hand when all else is uncertain. We aim to empathise with and understand what you are feeling and hold space for that, as we guide you through whatever challenges you may be facing.


Our goal is simple, to create a space
where everyone is welcome. 

So often, we all feel alone and that in itself proves that we are never truly alone in any experience we are facing. We are cultivating a community where every individual can come together to heal, grow, create and exchange experiences. In every service we offer, we give you the opportunity to direct your own healing, to take your power back - you already have everything you need inside you to heal and we are here to guide, encourage and facilitate that.  


Growth is rarely easy, often the most difficult periods in life are the ones that teach us the most. Every experience that we encounter shapes us. If you realise it or not, you are always learning, and if you are not, you may repeat the same mistakes until you do. We are here to help you along your personal growth journey. Just as a plant needs sunshine and rain both equally to thrive, as do we. The important thing is to trust in the journey and remind ourselves the path is guiding you somewhere worthwhile and in the meantime, we are here to make the growing pains a little more bearable. 

We value finding comfort in simplicity, and deliver this in all of our services. Reminding you to soak in the wonder in the simple things, like a cup of tea or the sun on your skin. You do not need to be constantly occupied and busy to be productive. There is great productivity to be found in taking a moment to simply be for your own healing. Taking a step back, working on yourself, is equally - if not more important than reaching a milestone. To be at your best, you have to take care of yourself first. Moving forwards can be feeling content with the simplicity of standing still and soaking it in for as long as you need. 

We believe in changing perspectives to help you uncover your potential and opportunities that previously you may have thought weren’t available to “someone like you”. We believe in building awareness and consciousness, to provide you with the skills to overcome hurdles, or care for yourself when life is imparting a lesson. We believe in exploring and utilising your innate creativity to aid self-discovery and healing.


People often assume creativity is reserved for those with artistic talents, however, the key is to recognise your own unique creativity. This may be anything from creative ideas in your work place to cooking up a meal. In each person, there is creativity and once you recognise your own, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of it. From reducing stress and anxiety, to acting as a channel for your inner thoughts and feelings, finding a creative outlet knows no limits to the benefits of your healing. 


The most important thing to us is the things that make you, you. 


Our approach is rooted in Social-Emotional Learning. This process of learning lays the foundations for young people to develop and implement the knowledge, skills, self awareness and outlook to form a healthy and distinctive self-identity, make conscious decisions, understand and regulate emotions, achieve personal and shared goals and to feel and demonstrate empathy, compassion and gratitude to maintain supportive relationships.


We believe in the importance of “whole-child” education or “growth beyond academics'', valuing social, physical and emotional development as an imperative aspect for success. This approach in education prepares children for the real world beyond schooling. They grow to possess a strong self-awareness, understanding and identity that allows them to demonstrate empathy, make informed choices based on their life values and manage their time effectively - knowing their limits and their strengths.  Social- Emotional Learning and “whole child” education allows them to put their best foot forward, as they will acquire all the knowledge, skills, understanding and strategies to be able to process the challenges we all inevitably face in life.  This type of learning must be rooted in action. Social-Emotional learning is far more than a “buzzword” and entails change.


We provide the opportunity for schools, after school cares, childcares and other providers to utilise us to connect with their children. Our practice is authentic and requires the openness to a significant shift away from traditional methods. This change is necessary to move the dynamic from compliance and control, to a learning experience that is rooted in empathy and respect where each individual stems from a growth mindset and is able to thrive. We are here to provide an opportunity for this learning to take place beyond the constraints of a teaching schedule.  Our services provide children with the space to freely learn and explore these concepts in a way that is made accessible to all. We advocate for inclusivity and focus on the individuality of each child. Our sessions, though guided, are ultimately about assisting children to find the self-confidence and trust to self-direct their own personal learning, growth and healing. 

The Emanuel Girls

We're here Four You!

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